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Plantes & Parfums

Plantes & Parfums is the story of a passionate team, in the heart of the Provence region, stretching back more than 30 years. At the foot of villages, perched amongst the Dentelles de Montmirail mountains, we have been patiently developing our products, before manufacturing them, by hand, in our own workshops.
The beauty of the surrounding nature, the light and the fragrances, which changes with the seasons, are the inspirations for our work. Through our collections, designed to awaken the senses, we are hoping to reproduce this intimate relationship with nature thus making our contribution to an art of living, founded upon pleasure and well-being.

“Existence is a fact, but living is an Art form”, Frédéric Lenoir.
The commitments we, within Plantes & Parfums, have made, are a reflection of our own needs and our own philosophy of life. Respecting a set of deeply rooted values:
– The nature of our raw materials and formulae: 100% natural plant-based waxes, natural components and perfumes, a total ban on all petro-chemical based products.
– Traditional manufacturing techniques and processes, preserving our authentic skills, which, in turn, are a mark of our quality.
– Our social sense of responsibility: the creation of partnerships with local producers and the implementation of a stringent sustainable development policy.
– Our ethics: none of our products are tested on animals.