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We believe the best way to find your perfect fit is to: measure your bust, waist and hips and use the chart below to find the size your dimensions best line up with.

Fits may differ due to body torso length and height.


Please note that due to the thickness of Baiia's fabrics and their suit's shape controlling properties, they should feel quite snug or tight initially - especially when first putting on. The nature of these fabrics are to soften to your shape after a few wears, making them much more comfortable once worn in, particularly around the hip area. Swimwear fabric naturally also becomes more generous in stretch when in contact with water.

Baiia sizes are true to standard Australian sizing, however they are a firmer fit initially to allow for any softening of the fabric. If you have two or more measurements within one size, we generally recommend that one for the perfect fit. Due to Baiia's signature three-piece design, torso length does not often affect your size in the same way a traditional one-piece design might, however, women who identify as being 'shorter' generally find more success going a size down if they are between sizes.